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   :: from Mike BlarowskiApr 30, 2001
Mountain Bike Park at Canada Olympic Park Mountain Bike Park at Canada Olympic Park
Canada Olympic Park will be wide open to mountain
biking on May 5th. Season Passes are only $49 and include chairlift
access to the top of the hill. Six new trails have been added this
year. Be sure to check them out! For more information see the Canada
Olympic Park - Mountain Bike Information page
and the 2001
Events Schedule

   :: from PinkbikeApr 27, 2001
Search for the Holey Trail Premiere Search for the Holey Trail Premiere
Don't forget, is presenting the Calgary
Premiere of Search for the Holey Trail (Kranked4) tonight
at Cowboys. Doors open at 7pm and the show starts
around 8:45. Tickets will be available at the door! We've
got a big bag of loot to give away before the show! Come out, enjoy
the flick and party with the industry and your fellow riders!
[read more]

   :: from KevinApr 26, 2001
Who wants to Party? Who wants to Party?

If you just happen to be in Redding California on
May 5th make sure you make the Risse Racing 10th aniversary party.
Check out the poster!

   :: from CoyoteApr 25, 2001

The 2001 racing season is here. If you plan to race
in sanctioned events in Alberta this season, you will likely want
to obtain a membership from the Alberta Bicycle Association (ABA).
The membership is also a Canadian Cycling Association (CCA) membership,
which allows you to race anywhere in Canada. For more information,
check the ABA website
or contact the ABA by e-mail

If you would like to race as part of a club, the ABA
website contains information on cycling clubs in various part of
the province. For those not lucky enough to live in Alberta, the
ABA website also contains link to other provincial cycling associations.

For race location and date information, check the
ABA 2001
for races in Alberta, the CCA
2001 Calendar
for national races in Canada and the UCI
2001 Calendar
for internationally sanctioned races.

   :: from Danny MilnerApr 25, 2001
Missy's new bike Missy's new bike
Check out exclusive pictures of Missy Giove's new
Orange downhill bike on

   :: from Shawn SpomerApr 24, 2001
Riding with Krispy and Lance Canfield Riding with Krispy and Lance Canfield
I was invited by Kent Setsma of Dirtfarm Magazine
to go film these Utah locals as they tore it up at Bartlett's Wash.
I figured we'd show up, get a shot or two at the Mushroom drop,
and then maybe get something else. Well, I was wrong...I was blown
away at the skill and size of the riding that went down. Bartlett's
Wash is a Freerider's dream with the biggest skatepark-type features...[Read

Check out some footage

   :: from MentalApr 23, 2001
RazorRock Stiffy Lever review RazorRock Stiffy Lever review
When I first tried Hayes hydraulics, I was amazed.
I couldn't help thinking it doesn't get any better than this! Great
power, excellent modulation, and easy to maintain. But the levers...
I found myself tired of having to bend the damn things back after
every crash. RazorRock to the rescue.... [read


   :: from Brian CookeApr 23, 2001
Tuesday Spray Hill Climb Tuesday Spray Hill Climb
Hey everyone, the Bicycle Cafe toonie races are starting
Tuesday April 24. Every Tuesday we have a hill climb mtb
race up the Spray Lakes road, starts at 7 p.m. (a
race for sure this time, it seems going up is a lot easier for the
powers that be, instead of going down)
For more info phone the shop 678-3021 or place comments below.


   :: from Mike Ramos [AKA MadMike]Apr 22, 2001
Mountain Cycle rider from Philly Mountain Cycle rider from Philly
Mountain Cycle has been making quality monocoque aluminum
frames since the early nineties. They are the self proclaimed founders
of the "Freeride Revolution" with one of the most original, if not
"THE" most original designs on the market, the "San Andreas". Often
imitated but never duplicated, this design has not changed since
it's conception which tells you something about the effort and attention
to detail that went into this design. They've since introduced a
few new frame designs like the "Shockwave" and the all new "Tremor".
They also make some really nice BMX, XC and Road frames that are
quite impressive and have had great success over the years. Check
them out at
and see for yourself.

See other pictures
submitted by Mike

   :: from Mike BlarowskiApr 20, 2001
Calgary premiere of Search for the Holey Trail Calgary premiere of Search for the Holey Trail presents the Calgary Premiere of Search
for the Holey Trail, Friday, April 27th at Cowboys, 826 5th St.
SW. Doors open at 7pm. Checkout the event

Thousands of dollars worth of prizes from local sponsors
including Budget Car&Truck Rental, Audio Concepts Mobile, Helly
Hansen, Arrowhead Spring Water and local Bike Shops will be available
for grabs. Tickets are only $10, available in advance at Cowboys,
The Bike Shop, Calgary Cycle, Pedalhead, Ridley's, Spokes and Attire,
Cyclepath North and South, Nouvelle, Soma, Mountainbike City, Dynamic,
and Singletrack Cycle. Tickets may also be purchased at the door.
[read more]

   :: from Philip KeyesApr 19, 2001
Pedro's-Harpoon Mountain Bike Adventure Series Pedro's-Harpoon Mountain Bike Adventure Series
The New England Mountain Bike Association is doing
an offroad benefit ride for a fellow who was paralyzed after crashing
on a trail in the Lynn Woods, a premier Boston-area riding spot.
It's the kick-off to our charity ride series called the Pedro's-Harpoon
MTB Adventure Series (
Harpoon will be throwing a post-Adventure party at a nearby watering
--a benefit for a fallen rider
--May 5th, Lynn Woods, Registration is from 9am to 11am,
Great Woods entrance

   :: from Radek BurkatApr 19, 2001
Have you seen it? Have you seen it?
Here are some interesting products and companies
that should have the spotlight.
Check out the goods over in the Slovak Republic at RB
. They have some nice hubs, rock rings, boosters, etc.
Also over in the Czech Republic, Racebike
has some nice looking Freeride and DH rigs. I wonder how these babies
would hold up out in the west. Speaking of the west, check out some
steering dampers from Hopey.
Has someone actually used one of these? What's it like?

Your comment/discussion
on these products.
You know of some other goods that should be in the "Have you
seen it?" post next week. Email

   :: from Mike BlarowskiApr 18, 2001
What to do with your pinkbike sticker? What to do with your pinkbike sticker?
Wondering where to put that pinkbike sticker? In
his Industrial Arts class, Tyler made this
keeper box
His friend Rod Leland helped him paint it. How do
you like Tyler's super spiffy 60's safety goggles?

Check out some of the riding
submitted by Rod. Not bad guys!

   :: from Greg KletkeApr 17, 2001
The Bicycle Cafe opens in Winnipeg! The Bicycle Cafe opens in Winnipeg!
Not a traditional retail store, the bicycle café is
a place for like-minded devotees of their sport to hang out together,
watch videos, talk about the local and rockies bike and riding scene
& check out the latest gear - that's the café. [read

   :: from Greg KletkeApr 17, 2001
Kranked 4 Premiere in Winnipeg, Manitoba, this Sat Kranked 4 Premiere in Winnipeg, Manitoba, this Saturday.
The Bicycle Cafe in Winnipeg presents.......
........a Radical Film production
by the same guys who brought you Kranked I, II, and III. This is
an exclusive premiere so you get to see it first! [read

(Stay tuned for the Calgary Premiere and other
   :: from RyanApr 17, 2001
Ultimate Freeride Challenge Ultimate Freeride Challenge
Have ya heard about the RaceFace Freeride Contest?
There's $10 000 and a RaceFace contract up for grabs! Check
it out at

   :: from Steve CritchlowApr 10, 2001
Summer is only 1 hour away! Summer is only 1 hour away!
Are you bored of the concrete? Sick of the snow? Well
load up the trucks and head out north east. That's just what we
did last Sunday. Radek, Danny, Stephanie, Bernard and I headed out
of the snow and cold towards Drumheller.
An hour and a half later, we hit sunshine in T-Rex country.

   :: from Radek BurkatApr 10, 2001
Buy&Sell is up Buy&Sell is up
The Pinkbike buy&sell
is finally up.
We have a few categories to start and we'll add more as needed.
Some features of the buy&sell are: real-time updates of new
ad counts, uploading of pictures with the ad, add a link to more
info and photos, keyword search , and quick links to other popular
classifieds around. So post your gear and sell me some good stuff!

   :: from CoyoteApr 9, 2001
Let's Keep Bowmont Park Open to Mountain Bikes! Let's Keep Bowmont Park Open to Mountain Bikes!
Thanks to RMR, it has been brought to our attention
that the City of Calgary will be holding presentation regarding
the recently drafted Bowmont Park Natural Area Management Plan.
The plans, if implemented, threatens mountain bikin in the Bowmont
Escarpment. [read more]
   :: from Ben SheltonApr 8, 2001
Like  to talk bikes? Like to talk bikes?
We have a small group of (mostly European) riders
who hang out on IRC when we're not out riding. We talk bikes and
rides, argue, all of the stuff you can do on the forum, but in real
time. It'd be great to get more people in from all over the world,
so please join us. Get yourself an irc
client here
and hook up to the server,
join #mtb and you're in! I hope to see some of you in there,
but keep in mind there are pretty big timezone differences

Update: That server probably doesn't work. Try
ports 6667 and 6666, those should be better.

   :: from Shelley ArnuschApr 5, 2001
Bike Safety Tips Bike Safety Tips
is a brilliant publication that likes to mock just about
everything in the universe. They were bound to get around to biking
sometime. The fun and games all start with these Safety
Read up kids!

   :: from AlistairApr 4, 2001
After the success we had with our past job posting
on your web site I was wondering if you can post this Intern
Wanted posting

Unique, once in a life time opportunity to mix
your love of mountain biking with your knowledge of computers (in
particular web page design, search engine placement, and database
development) your spirit of adventure and desire for exotic travel.
Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking has one internship available during
the 2001 Summer Vacation period (July-August). [more]

   :: from Ben SheltonApr 2, 2001
Big Ride Big Ride
We had our own little bike show out here in Finland.
Some cool going ons including this sweet ride. Its the FinnPeak
. See more
pics of this bike
. This one belongs to the National DH champ
Visa. Notice the big ass rear shock. This is an Ohlins
snowmobile shock
giving this rig 8 inches of plush travel. If
you ever had your rear shocks blow on your bike, you will be jealous,
cause this baby does not have those problems. More companies should
be designing their bikes with MX and Snowmobile hardware as it is
more durable and won't have you sitting on your ass while your itty
bitty bicycle shock is in the shop for the 8th time that season.
   :: from Radek BurkatApr 1, 2001
Thanks to National Event Management, sponsors, exhibitors,
COP, course builders, timekeepers, spotter, and of course all the
riders and spectators for making this event such a HUGE success.
The course was great, riding spectacular and the atmosphere and
people really hit it home.
We'll put up a full overview (text, photo, video) in the next few
days. In the meantime here are the Big
Air, Trials, and Rockies Challenge results
and check out the
photo section regularly as pictures from the event are already pouring

Also at the Pinkbike booth we had an entry for
draw prizes
so out of the 100s that dropped their name in, here
are 11 winners of over $450 in
cash prizes

   :: from Shawn SpomerApr 1, 2001
Calling all Video Junkies! Calling all Video Junkies! has just posted some new videos, so go
to check out what's happening down south!

Don't forget to check out the rest of his site for
cool pics and art!

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