Must Watch: Alex Storr Ripping Home Turf on the Dreadnought V2

Apr 9, 2024
by ForbiddenBike  

Alex Storr putting the Dreadnought V2 through its paces on greasy trails.

Video by: Callum Philpott chaptstudios
Riding by: Alex Storr alex_storr01

25.03.24. Forbidden Bikes. Rider Alex Storr. PIC Andy Lloyd andylloyder
Pictures credit: Andy Lloyd




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 That is an undeniably nice looking bike, ridden at a very unreasonable pace. Cracking job lads!
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 thanks brian for the lesson in real music
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 I replied to the wrong comment.
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 Paint job so nice, makes me want to sell my current bike. Neither will let me ride this fast, but colors on this Dread V2 are pure joy even standing still.
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 Felt sick watching it but watched it anyway since I wanted to see the riding. Between all the flippetyflop fram to frame and zooming there was nice riding but wouldn't watch again.
I understand the artistry of it but I just don't think it belongs here when showcasing the bike and riding was the point. It's just too much.
Now down vote away the old man (40)
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 This. Can we get a shot lasting longer than half a second please? Goodness gracious, it’s like the camera man had an angry badger down his pants or something
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 @rickybobby19: it seems this is some IG-style editing where you are expected to just swipe to the next video after 2 seconds.
makes absolutely no sense for something people actually might watch.
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 unbelievably annoying editing. MTB salespeople need to watch some skate edits. if it isn't a banger filmed in one shot at a flat angle on a VX1000, it isn't a banger.
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 Alex Storr is so underrated. Gotta be some of the best style in the EDR. The way he goes through corners just makes me want to ride.
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 Thanks! Glad it made ya want to get out
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 Too bad the red Zeb doesn't come on the stock version, somehow makes it so much more sick
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 Just wait for rockshox to release it with the updates, it's right around the corner. Likely see it hit stock bikes after that.
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 Balances front & rear colorwise. Me likey.
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 Mint that Lads, great riding Alex
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 Cheers mate!
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 Firetruck goes fast!
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 favorite rider to watch.
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 Thank you!
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 british music has gone down the shitter this was an awful pairing. props on the rider and the bike though
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 Anyone else feel like they are one $10,000 bike away from being able to ride like this (maybe)?
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 Riding so good one can almost forgive the 3 cuts a second editing.
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 Weld guess it’s time to sell my v1 frame and stumpy and tues .
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 So sick! I’m counting the days till mine shows up.
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 Unbelievable edit that
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 Killer riding, rad steed.
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 Nothing like a good ride to get the adrenaline pumping
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 Looks like a Deviate in this scenery.
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 Music that makes you dumb
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 Possibly one of the worst soundtracks I've ever heard on an edit...
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 @Niseach1: offense taken…
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 sooo sick
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 I dread to say it, I could nought of these stunts on this bike.
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