Öhlins Release New 140-mm RXF34 m.2 Fork

Apr 9, 2024
by OhlinsMTB  
 hlins RXF34 M.2

Press Release: Öhlins Racing

The latest addition to Öhlins' lineup of MTB front forks brings race-proven performance to the short-travel trail category.

Öhlins Racing is expanding its footprint in the short-travel trail category with the launch of the brand’s latest MTB fork – a 140mm version of the Öhlins RXF34 m.2. The new RXF304 m.2 builds on the success of its 120 and 130mm predecessors, offering a 140mm setup tailored to the demands of lighter, short-travel trail bikes.

Featuring an OTX18 damper, lightweight 2xAir 31 air spring, and an updated trail bike-specific crown steerer unit, the Öhlins 140mm RXF34 m.2 delivers big on performance, bringing Öhlins’ race-proven technology to fast trail riders seeking next-level traction, control, and support.

RXF34 m.2 Details
• Trail-optimized OTX18 damper
• 2xAir 31 air spring
• New crown steerer unit
• Fork stanchion diameter: 34mm
• Wheel size: 29”
• Offset: 44mm
• Travel: 140mm (120 and 130mm versions available)
• Floating axle to minimize friction
• eMTB-approved
• Weight: 1752g
• Optimized for 180mm discs (203mm max)
• Maximum tire size: 2.6”
• Axle to crown: 551mm at 140mm stroke
• Price: TBC
Öhlins MTB

 hlins RXF34 M.2

OTX18—the ‘downcountry damper’
The RXF34 m.2 uses the newly designed OTX18 damper. Sprung out of the highly successful TTX18 found in the Öhlins downhill and trail forks, the OTX18 is purpose-built for lightweight trail bikes. It shares several key components with its bigger TTX18 brother, but weighs 27% less and is optimized for faster and more fluid trail riding, striking the optimal balance between traction, control, weight and stiffness. Like all Öhlins dampers, the OTX18 offers impressive adjustability for fine-tuning, with fifteen clicks of low-speed compression and rebound adjustment alongside three for tweaks to high-speed compression. As always, a large and extensively-tested setting bank is also available for those who wish to customize their ride feel even further.

 hlins RXF34 M.2

Lightweight air spring
The new damper is paired with a robust yet lightweight air spring that features a positive and self-adjusting negative chamber. The positive chamber allows riders to tune the spring curve according to their needs using Öhlins’ easy-to-use volume spacer system. The negative chamber, meanwhile, has been designed for fast trail riding and provides a plush initial feel and superb small bump sensitivity. The spring’s surface and seals also minimize friction and breakaway force to enhance the fork’s smooth ride feel.

 hlins RXF34 M.2

Race-proven chassis design
With a flex pattern tailored for lightweight trail riding, the RXF34 m.2’s super-stiff chassis delivers point-and-shoot precision steering. This has been achieved via a closed-end outer tube design to increase stiffness, impact resistance and the volume of the lower legs. Increased air volume at the bottom of the fork increases the impact of the air spring on overall performance. This in turn gives the rider more power to fine-tune performance to their liking for greater confidence and control. The RXF34 m.2 also benefits from the same race-proven floating axle design found in the RXF36 m.2 and RXF38 m.2, which decreases friction and further increases stiffness.

“We’re thrilled to introduce the latest 140-mm RXF34 m.2 front fork, designed for riders in search of the ultimate in short-travel trail performance,” says Thomas Westfeldt, Senior Manager, Business Unit MTB at Öhlins Racing. “With the combination of our trail-optimized OTX18 damper, lightweight air spring, and ultra-stiff chassis design, we’re bringing confidence-inspiring Öhlins performance to a new demographic of trail riders – those who aim to ride faster and smoother than ever before.”

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 This has to be some sort of record for launches on a single day. The shadowy industry cabal needs to get on spacing out the schedule.
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 Everyone liquidated their old Covid inventory and are ready to reload now lol
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 140-mm RXF34 m.2? Tell me the engineers run the company without telling me the engineers run the company.
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 Are you suggesting that the intended use of an 140-mm RXF34 m.2 equipped with an OTX18 and 2xAir31 isn't clear as day to everyone?
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 Who ever thought motorsports engineering that lead to 300+ world titles in auto and motorcycle racing would be conducive to producing great MTB products?

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 No backwards arch?
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 Bad timing?
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 Geez, are we just supposed guess how many shims are in here? Pfft.
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 10 pm pst rn we still got 2 more hours for more new products to get released haha
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 I'm sure there are some people who are very excited about this.

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