Who We Are…

The San Angelo Bicycling Association is a 501c7 non-profit club that is dedicated to supporting biking as a recreational and competitive sport. The club organizes group rides, puts on various biking events throughout the year, and assists other organizations with races. San Angelo Bicycling Association welcomes bikers of all ability levels to join and participate in club activities and events.

We have a good time on bicycles and some of the stories we tell while riding will bring a smile to even the most serious rider.  Beginner, intermediate, or experienced; road, trail, and gravel disciplines; regardless of what you ride we welcome all riders.  Our goal is for everyone to enjoy cycling and feel comfortable on a bike and when riding with our group.

The events calendar on the website will have our weekly and current events as much as possible however may not be all inclusive.  Our called rides, comments,  and other information are usually posted on our Facebook page and is open to non-members.

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