Featured Members

Here are our featured SABA Members:

You have probably met John Talley at the State Park and might not have known it.  John is normally the person sitting on a tractor mowing the trails for us to enjoy at the park.  If you haven’t seen him on the tractor, then maybe you have seen the Volkswagon van that is parked at Burkett Trail Head.  He may not look the part, but John is a skilled trail rider and has ridden and knows more of the trails than any other trail rider at the park. John is one of the original developers of the trail system at the state park so if you are riding and the ascent is too steep, it is his fault. If you get a chance, ride with John as you may ride places in the park you’ve never been to.   John was also recognized by the State of Texas as the 2019 Distinguished Park Volunteer.

What can you say about Marlon Miller!  Marlon decided it was time for the Loop Group to get going again and volunteered to restart the ride.  Now on Tuesday nights anywhere from 20 to 30 riders show up for the Loop Group. Marlon stated this is a no-drop ride and ensures everyone gets back safely from the ride.  Marlon will also give riders advice, recommendations, and lots of encouragement as he wants all riders to enjoy the experience. Marlon is a rider and supporter of the 2 day MS-150 ride from Midland to Lubbock and raises funds for the event.   If it has 2 wheels, Marlon will ride it and if you get a chance, get him to show you how to bunny hop on two wheels…if you dare.  Thanks Marlon for everything you do for SABA and the cycling community.

All the SABA members who are riding in the MS-150, Cactus and Crude Ride 2019, from Midland to Lubbock on July 20-21.  The event is a 2 day ride with cyclist covering 75 miles each day.  Their time and fund raising efforts assist with the fight against Multiple Sclerosis.  SABA Members riding in the MS-150 are Jodi Rector, Marlon Miller, Kyle Olson, OB Larson, Joe Yarbro, David Bedford, Hans and Erin Mensch, and others.  Contact one of them and assist in their fund raising efforts.

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