Featured Ride Locations

These are some of the featured and favorite ride locations for cyclists in the San Angelo area. It is not all inclusive and there are many other locations to be ridden in this area.

The San Angelo State Park offers over 60 miles of trails and is a mecca of trail riding in West Texas. With trails developed for beginner to experienced riders there is something for everyone. The trails encompass ascents, descents, rocks, dirt, sand, and in some cases water crossings. The great aspect of the park is you can turn a corner on a trail and find yourself in the middle of the Texas Longhorn herd. Don’t be concerned as long as you give them room and do not get between a mother and new calf, they are used to cyclist. The park also has 15 miles of paved roads with little traffic and within the park are un-maintained paved roads, gravel, and jeep trails if you want to work on your gravel grinding without traffic. The park has South and North entrances from Hwy 2288 so you can switch up where to start your ride. Maps of the trails are available at the park entrances and local bike shops. Fee is required at the park. Visit their website at https://tpwd.texas.gov/state-parks/san-angelo

The Middle Concho Park offers trails and gravel grinding. The trails are mostly red sand and when wet can be tough. The park offers some tough climbs and has a different trail experience than riding at the state park. There is not a map available for the trails so just go out and explore. Entrance fee may be required or Texas pass for the park may be purchased from outdoor sport shops.

When it comes to road riding, San Angelo and the surrounding area, have some excellent places to ride that present challenges. We do have hills in this area so if you want to hit the hills, try out these roads. Susan Peak Road is a 36 mile out and back. It presents some steep climbs and fantastic descents. If you want to add more miles add Walling Pecan Road to this route. Door Key Lane is a favorite of local riders. It has some nice, long flat sections, long grades, and also hills. It is a 28 mile out and back. Susan Peak Road and Door Key Lane are very low traffic rides. The Seven Sisters (Hwy 2335) from Knickerbocker TX are a series of seven smaller hills. From Knickerbocker TX ride the Seven Sisters on an out and back, this way you get it in twice and have a 20 mile ride. Traffic sometimes can be heavy on this road. You can’t mention Burma Road without local cyclists letting out a groan. Some of the toughest hills in this area, with switchbacks, hard corners, and then another hill. Usually ridden as an out and back, you get the experience riding this road and may ask yourself…why! Traffic will be heavy at certain times.

We do have some flat and rolling areas to ride in this area. Begin at Hwy 2288 and take Arden Road (RM853) to Arden TX to the Irion County line. This road offers a variance of sections of grades, flat areas, and some smaller climbs. If you continue past the Irion County Line expect heavy chip seal road coating and a rougher road. Old Knickerbocker Hwy is a relatively flat ride beginning at Mary Lee Park or at the equalization channel. Ride this route to the old town of Knickerbocker TX and add Guinn Road if you want more miles. This route only has one small climb on it. Traffic is light to moderate most days.

Gravel Grinding has become a popular sport for cyclist and San Angelo has some excellent roads to experience this different cycling discipline. One of the local favorite gravel roads is CR411 in Irion County off of RM853, Arden Road. CR411 offers flat sections, grades, and hills. It is usually ridden as an out and back and connecting with other gravel roads on the routes can be ridden as a 50k, 75k, or 100k. So depending on how far you want the distance, it has something for you. Oil field traffic can be heavy at times. Guinn Road from Knickerbocker TX is a great gravel grinding experience. The first five miles are pavement and then the caliche based roads takes over. It is a 30 mile out and back and has some challenging climbs with some long rolling and flat sections. Be cautious on the water crossings as they may have water running through them regardless of the time of year. Very little traffic on this route makes it a favorite ride. If you want flat gravel roads then travel a little bit to Eola TX. The gravel roads in this area are usually straight without a hill in sight. Take your time and explore these roads at Eola TX. Light traffic on these roads.

Bill Cullins, a local riding legend, has developed many rides and routes over his cycling career in San Angelo. He has graciously consented to share his ride blogspot on the website. Check out his rides at https://bcullins.blogspot.com/2016/02/places-to-bike-run-and-walk-in-san.html