Night Rides

Full Moon Rides are held at San Angelo State Park and start at 8pm at Burkett Trailhead.  Depending on the group, we will go anywhere from 9 miles to 18 miles.  It is a slower paced ride where we try to keep everyone together.  Traditionally this ride has been a mountain bike ride and occasionally switch it up to offer a road ride through the State Park.

No Moon Rides are night rides with little to no moon light. The rides are held at the San Angelo State Park and are similar to the Full Moon Rides.  It can be very dark out there without a moon.

Depending on who shows up is how we dictate how the ride will go.  If there are newbies, then we will keep it to a couple of hours on fairly easy trails.  If it is experienced riders, we will do the same trails as we normally do in daylight and ride the entire park. Usually we are finished by 10:30 to 11pm, but have stayed riding until 1am before.

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